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Name: Armando
Nickname: Mando, baby face mando, the cute one over there! Haha
Birthday: November 28th
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5’8”
Current Time Zone: pacific time
Current Time & Date: September 1, 2014. 2:52pm
Last Thing I Googled: Lexus sc400 

My Most Used Phrase(s):
What do you mean?
I need my car back!

Last Thing I Said To A Family Member: “Are you hungry” to my sister
Favorite Beverage: Guava juice
First Word That Comes To Mind: Mind
Place That Makes Me Happy & Why: Castle rock because it puts into perspective how little I em to the rest of the world so therefore my problems are not as big as I make them out to be and also the quite sounds of nature relaxes me
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 2 I like to get completely covered and wrap my self into a blanket burrito lol
Last Movie I Saw In The Theater: How to Train Your Dragon 2
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Music, my mind, and family
Something I Plan On Learning: How to apply myself
Advice For My Followers: Laugh! Laugh daily! laugh for no reason! just laugh!

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Trapped in a history we don’t understand
Can’t remember how this blood got on our hands
Never been taught about the ugly past
Expecting God not to punish man
Our ancestors brought us control
We realize now that the cost was our soul
Got me feeling like an empty shell

– Brother Ali (via rekindletheessence)

Anonymous said: You're as beautiful as the sunset that hits the ocean when it sets, You're as beautiful as a rose blooming, Your beauty can be described and compared to everything that everyone finds beautiful & it's you who's beauty they talk about


But eventually the sun will disappear and the rose will wilt. All things beautiful don’t tend to last..

But the memory of the beautiful rose forever will


you know who i love most from tumblr’s hip-hop community? kimmyvondoom. She’s the most down-to-earth and relaxed person I’ve ever interacted with. We’ve only had a few interactions but she always keeps it real and she’s always doing her own thing and staying true to herself. I just wanted to say that there are others like me who notice. Keep doing your thing and keep being yourself :)

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"I rummage through old love letters and photographs

In a desperate reach for a clue into who I am

With only the distant past as a reference

I fail to feel any connection to the bones under my skin”

-Eyedea, Sky Diver

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Grab hold of yourself, I know what it’s like to get blown away
I know you, you’ve done
Your dirt and you’ve dug your graves
And it feels like you won’t be saved
I say grab hold yourself and face those days
When you feel like it always rains
I’ve seen the sunny side of hell,
That which I never thought I’d find for myself
Never thought I’d find for myself

– Grieves; Sunny side of hell  (via revolutionarysista)

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